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I’ve been researching my family and helping others for about 10 years. I inherited the family history gene from two older cousins who had paved the way with their years of research and I am beyond thankful to them for their hard work and ongoing collaboration. My great uncle spend months traveling the east coast, doing research the "old fashioned" way and his research has been the foundation our tree keeps growing from. My fathers family came from England and Ireland to Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. My mothers family came from France and Germany to New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I have spent hours and days searching through the archives of France. I’ve visited several family cemeteries and hopefully my research can help others learn and connect.

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My research has included various family branches. Some surnames you may find here; Benton, Patterson, Savage, Tanner, Riggan, Ramsey, Nunn, Frith, West. I have done research on small branches throughout Surry and Stokes County, NC to connect them to my tree. The location I live in, as well as my family tree, has Moravian roots. I have spent hours in area cemeteries and many of those surnames can be found here as well; Moser, Binckele being the most common.

The Big Apple

When I was a kid my grandfather would take me to downtown Cornelia, Georgia and tell me that we were in "The Big Apple". He would make taking the trash to the dump seem like the most exciting trip in the world and he told me about NancyTown at Lake Russell at least 150 times. He also told stories from his childhood often and I'd roll my eyes after the 10th time hearing the same story. Only after I was grown did I realize how priceless all of those stories told to me by my grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles would become.



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Hazel & Mabel Krauss

Robert Charles Benton

Achille Jr. & Achille Geiger Sr.

Achille Martin Geiger immigrated to America from Haut-Rhin, Alsace, France in 1880

Sylvia Jean Dalton

Daughter of Bert Lee Dalton & Genevieve Lillian Geiger

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I love history and learning about, not just my family, but others as well. However, while I do my absolute best to make sure this information is 100% accurate, I am still human and mistakes may happen. Whether it be this site or any other, don't fully rely on one place to build your tree. I am open to corrections, collaborations, and additional information. Simply send me a message via "contact"!


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